Your lunchtime superpower

Order ahead, earn loyalty rewards and skip the wait. Join thousands of others who have saved hours in 200+ restaurants and coffee shops


Order ahead

Order in a fews taps with no fees. We’ll tell you how long it will take and keep you updated on how the order's going.


skip the wait

No more waiting around. We’ll let you know when your order's ready so you can bypass the queue, grab and go.


earn rewards

Pick-up loyalty points which each order in participating restaurants and coffee shops. Redeem them against free eats.

Skip the wait at these popular spots

Plus 200+ others in Dublin, Cork and Galway


How Bamboo works

  1. Browse restaurants and café’s around you

  2. Select your order, collect loyalty points and pay ahead

  3. We’ll tell you when it’s ready so you can collect seamlessly and wait free


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Bamboo for teams

Turn your local restaurants and cafés into your companies food court. Bamboo for Business is the easiest way to manage employee meals.

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Restaurant? Partner with us

Give your customers an amazing experience each day while serving more customers during your peak time.

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